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Written by Salman Khan   

Welcome to FS Add-ons Management Training. Here you will learn how to manage add-ons for Microsoft Flight Simulator (2004 / X). You will be taught how to download, install and customize the add-ons for your simulator.

The FS Add-ons Management Guide is divided into 10 topics which are as follows -

  1. Introduction to FS Add-ons
  2. Bourne Aviation Hangar
  3. AVSIM / FlightSim Registration
  4. Downloading Add-ons from AVSIM
  5. Installation of Aircraft (FSX / FS9)
  6. Installation of Aircraft Textures (FSX / FS9)
  7. Installation of Airports & Scenery (FSX / FS9)
  8. Installation of AI Traffic (FSX / FS9)
  9. Installation of Sounds (FSX / FS9)
  10. Installation of Panels (FSX / FS9)
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